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Ramsey, Neisha

Ramsey, Neisha

About Ramsey: Started painting at 15 years of age, originally trained by his father, Ramsey stayed busy painting during the Summers for extra cash. Falling in love with the preparation and detail involved, he eventually finalized his schooling, decided college was not for him and began to grow his skills in painting. He then started working for many different painting companies all over Rhode Island. From being an employee most of his life, Ramsey was often inspired by the idea of becoming his own boss and what that would look like!

The Start of Prep Smart Painting: Ramsey at the age of 25, wanted to spend more time with his father, Craig, doing what they loved: painting! As the professional painters, both him and Ramsey, worked for many different painting companies and they often discussed the possibility of starting their own company together.

Although neither of them were initially executive business managers they were certain of their craftsmanship skills and their vision. So, with very little doubts, they quickly decided to venture out with the support of their church, community, and family; before long, their company had exponential growth and they never looked back!

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Ramsey, Neisha, Craig

They have created a local company and brand that is in high demand bringing customer satisfaction, care, and value to the homes of many.

Prep Smart Painting Now: In the first 5 years, Ramsey and Craig have created over twenty-five (25) jobs positions, served over one thousand (1000) customers, supported several non-profits, hosted giveaways, volunteered free labor and so much more.

Ramsey, within this time-frame, partnered with two of his best friends, Patrick and Vernon, to help establish Prep Smart Painting's growth and legacy; married his beautiful wife, Neisha, and both are proud to serve the North-East region and look forward to continue doing so with even greater excellence.

Ramsey, Neisha, Craig
  • Linda G
    Linda GFacebook
    Their prep work is excellent. The exterior was scraped, sanded, and caulked. Our house has been painted 5 times over the past 30 years and this is the best job by far! We will definitely use them for future projects.
  • I went with Prep Smart Painting to paint my basement and stairs. I like the attention and details the company provide and will continue to look forward in doing business with them. We are very happy ...
  • Jason S
    Jason SGoogle Reviews
    I hired Prep Smart to paint the exterior of a house I was selling. They provided a mid-priced estimate based on others received. Communication was easy and the crew was professional and courteous ...
  •  Neisha S
    Neisha SFacebook
    Thanks to Ramsey and his team at Ace Painting Professional for always doing the job and having such a luxurious finish. The team works over time with the standard of excellence. Definitely a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟...

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