Picture the scene: you’ve found the perfect house. It’s within budget, in a great neighborhood, and has so much garden space you could start a farm. There’s just one problem: the interior is completely ruined by the existing tenants’ color scheme and decor.

If this has happened to you, you’ll know how much of a nightmare it can be trying to transform the old house into one you can feel comfortable in. Without professional help, you can waste a lot of time and money switching between swatches and samples until you finally find a color you can tolerate.

This is where color consulting can help. By communicating your ideas to an expert, they can help you pick a color palette that works for your home. Get to know everything about color consulting in this guide, including the benefits of hiring a consultant and the actual process itself.

Understanding the Importance of Color

A Color Your World home with a green roof.

Color is a magical thing. It can transform our depiction of the world, manipulate our moods, and shape our actions. Even the most intelligent and logical people can be influenced by their favorite color. 

There’s plenty of scientific research that suggests people make snap judgments based on color. Your attention, memory, and mood are all affected by color, which is why it’s so important to get the right color palette for your home. Removing dark, dingy grays in favor of warm, homely tones can be the welcome change you need to transform your new house into a home.

So, if you ever hear someone say, “Color doesn’t matter,” they’re wrong.

Benefits of Color Consulting

A modern living room featuring blue and yellow accents, perfect for interior painting ideas.

The best way to ensure your home gets the most appropriate paint job is to hire a color consultant. They provide a much-needed, underutilized service and can save you a lot of time and effort in painting and repainting your home when your color inevitably doesn’t come out as you’d hoped.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of color consulting:

  • It can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home by getting you the right colors to suit your layout and vision.
  • Color consulting saves you time in coming up with ideas and trawling through the internet for inspiration.
  • It also saves you money that you’d otherwise spend on endless samples, swatches, and repainting jobs.
  • Color consultants know the latest design trends and can revolutionize your home.

Finding the Right Color Consultant

A modern kitchen with a colorful table and chairs.

When hiring a color consultant, you need to make sure they’re right for you. Don’t just pick the cheapest one – they’ll often lack specialized knowledge regarding materials, design trends, and other aspects of the job.

Instead, look for a consultant with experience on similar projects. A residential consultant is ideal for your home, whereas a commercial consultant is best for business premises. Consider the size and budget of your project and find a color consultant that fits. It’s also worth checking reviews about how helpful and friendly the consultant was to others.

The Color Consulting Process

A color consultant’s job is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Between taking the initial gauge of your home and finalizing the perfect color scheme, lots of thought and hard work goes into the process. Below, we’ve broken down a typical color consultation into five steps.

Four colorful framed pictures hanging on a wall, providing interior painting ideas.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

First things first, you’ll book an initial appointment with your color consultant to help them prepare for the project. You’ll answer questions about your home, your furniture, and your personal preferences. After all, consultants want to ensure all your desires are fulfilled and your needs met.

Step 2: Analyzing the Space

The consultant will then arrive at your house and analyze the space they’re working with. They’ll take note of the furniture, the layout, and the natural light patterns throughout the day. This will help them get a complete sense of your home, including what works and what doesn’t.

Step 3: Choosing the Color Pallete

Next, the consultant will assess the combination of the existing colors, the layout, and your own preferences to come up with a new color palette for your home. You’ll usually receive a detailed plan within 24 hours of your in-person consultation, either by email or post, with professional recommendations regarding the new colors and finishes for your home.

Step 4: Sample Application

The consultancy will then send you paint samples of the colors they suggest. These are typically included in the overall fee, but it’s always worth checking with your consultant. You can apply each sample to see how they look and whether the color palette needs adjusting. Try all the different colors they send to give yourself the best chance of finding a color you adore.

Step 5: Finalizing the Color Scheme

Once you’re happy with the samples, your color scheme is finalized! Now you can purchase the exact paint you need to create your dream home and give you and your family a truly wonderful place to call home.

Implementing the Color Scheme

Beautiful Kitchen

Of course, the process doesn’t end once the color consultation does – there’s still a paint job to do! Now that you’ve got your uniquely stylish color palette, it’s time to get it on the walls. You can always do this yourself, but since you’ve already gone through the trouble of hiring a consultant, it would be a shame to waste this professionalism by doing a sub-par painting job. This is where painting services come in.

Painting Services and Color Consulting

Not to be reductionist, but color consulting is essentially the professional planning stage of painting. After a color consultant has determined the best course of action for your home, you should next employ painting services to round off the job for you in a professional manner. At Prep Smart Painting, we offer the best interior painting services in PA and the surrounding area.

Tips for Successful Color Implementation

To get the most out of your wall colors, match your furniture to the palette your color consultant has chosen. It’s not just about color, either, but also the finish and material. Hardwood floors and marble countertops harmonize well with elegant blacks and dark blues, while carpets work with warm colors to create a cozy, homely aura


It’s evident, then, that color can make or break your home. So much importance is attached to the color scheme of your property that it seems strange not to hire professionals for the job. Professional Painters in Rhode Island suggest that color consultants and painters can turn your vision into a reality and offer their own expert advice to help you create your dream home. Professional Painters in Connecticut emphasize the value of professional guidance in achieving a cohesive and beautiful color scheme. Professional Painters in Massachusetts highlight that with the expertise of color consultants, you can ensure that your home’s colors reflect your personal style and enhance its overall appeal.