You should consider getting the best paint brush for cabinets if you are thinking of redecorating your room. Using the right tools should give you a professional and smooth finish.

Furthermore, it should make your work easier and faster. Therefore, reading this simple guide should help you select the best brush for painting cabinets. Keep reading to learn more!

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Paint Brush for Cabinets

If you are thinking of buying a new brush, there are several things you should consider. In particular, you should consider the following factors.

  • Bristle type
  • Brush Size
  • Brush Shape
  • Handle Comfort
  • Paint Compatibility
  • Budget

Bristle Type

If you are wondering what a bristle is, this element is the hair part of a brush that allows you to paint on surfaces. When considering the best paint brush for cabinets, there are two bristle types to consider.

  • Natural Bristles: In most cases, natural brush bristles are made from animals like hogs. Using this bristle type is suitable when using an oil-based paint. However, water-based paints require a different brush hair type.
  • Synthetic Bristles: If you are using water-based paints, the best brush for painting cabinets should have a synthetic bristle. These paintbrushes are simple to clean and durable. Therefore, buying excellent polyester or nylon bristles should give you consistent results for a long time.

Brush Size

The brush size you use matters, especially when you are using an all-in-one cabinet paint. In general, you should use a small brush when painting corners and doing detailed work.

On the other hand, you should prefer a large brush for covering plain surfaces quickly. Nonetheless, choosing the best paint brush for cabinets should depend on the project you are working on.

Brush Shape

Brushes come in different shapes. As such, there are round, angled, flat, and an even spray paint brush.

However, you may prefer an angled paint brush that lets you perform even strokes in corners and edges. Furthermore, this brush shape allows for smooth and precision cutting-ins. In most cases, a painting professional will use the angled shape as the default paintbrush.

Handle Comfort

Painting cabinets means you will spend some time handling a paintbrush. Therefore, the handle should feel comfortable when doing a paint job. Using a comfortable grip minimizes hand fatigue and enhances accuracy.

Paint Compatibility

When evaluating the best paint brush for cabinets, you must consider paint compatibility. In particular, you should ensure the brush you want to use is compatible with the paint. A mismatch between paint and brush type may lead to undesirable outcomes.


Before selecting the best brush for painting cabinets, you must also consider your budget. A cheap paintbrush may be your go-to option.

However, low-cost material usually translates into poor results. As such, you will want to purchase a brush within budget with decent performance and acceptable longevity.

Tips for Using Paint Brushes for Cabinets

A person is painting a wooden fence while wearing white clothes.

If you decide to paint your cabinets, the tips below should benefit you when using paint brushes.

  • Prepare Cabinets: Before you begin, you should clean the cabinet by sanding it. In particular, doing this is crucial if you want to refinish bathroom cabinets. It gives you a smooth finish when using the best paint brush for cabinets.
  • Purchase Quality Paint: Always use quality cabinet paint if you desire a great result. Cheap paints mostly look unprofessional and do not adhere properly.
  • Prime Surfaces: If your cabinet requires priming, ensure you purchase a quality primer. Using an appropriate primer lets the paint better adhere to surfaces.
  • Start with Cut-ins: Use angled brushes to make cut-ins along corners and edges. Doing so produces clean lines, which significantly eases the entire work.
  • Use Thin Coats: A thick coat will most likely drip and take longer to dry. On the other hand, several thin paint coats will drip less and dry faster.
  • Paint in a Pattern: The best paint jobs require a regular painting pattern. Therefore, you should consider going left to right or top to bottom for best results.

Top Smooth Finish Brushes for Painting Cabinets

A man is painting a ladder while wearing white clothes.

For a smooth finish, consider the following best paint brush for cabinets.

Purdy Cub Angle Brush XL

If you want to perform a smooth and precise paint application, look no further than the Purdy Cub Angle Brush XL. This brush comes with synthetic bristles, ideal for water-based and oil-based paints. In addition, this paintbrush’s price tag is okay for the quality you get.

Wooster Shortcut Angle Sash Brush

The Wooster Shortcut Angle Sash Brush is versatile and possesses strong synthetic bristles. It has a short handle, making it ideal for maneuverability and control. Furthermore, it is cheap and readily available.

Wooster Softip Angle Sash Paintbrush

On the other hand, the Wooster Softip Angle Sash Paintbrush is best for smooth finishes due to its soft synthetic bristles. Also, it has an angle sash shape, ideal for painting cabinets. In addition, it is affordable and comes in different sizes.

Pintar Diamond Pro Angular Sash Paintbrush

When considering the best paint brush for cabinets, you must consider the Pintar Diamond Pro Angular Sash Paintbrush. This brush is specifically suitable for precision and detailed work, including cabinets and similar furniture. Furthermore, this paintbrush is affordable and available.

Nour Tradition Angular Brush

If you are searching for a budget-friendly brush, you should go no further than the Nour Tradition Angular Brush. This paintbrush has an angled shape and synthetic bristles. Despite the low price, this brush offers decent performance and a smooth finish.


Before learning the best paint brush for cabinets, you must consider various factors. You must evaluate the bristle type, brush size, brush shape, handle comfort, and paint compatibility.

After examining these elements, you should then consider your budget. Leverage the tips highlighted in the article to get the best paint job for your cabinets.

There are several top smooth finishes brushed for painting cabinets to consider. The type you select may depend on your cabinet surface, preference, and budget. In general, you should consider the  Purdy Cub Angle Brush XL, Wooster Shortcut Angle Sash Brush, Wooster Softip Angle Sash Paintbrush, Pintar Diamond Pro Angular Sash Paintbrush, and Nour Tradition Angular Brush.