Knowing the cost to refinish cabinets is an excellent starting point when remodeling your home. It allows you to give your room, kitchen, or bathroom a new look. In addition, it keeps it in good condition by extending its lifespan.

Before you start, you should consider the refinish cabinets cost against getting new ones. Next, you should evaluate costing factors, break down the prices, and seek guidance.

Reading this article should help you learn about all these and more.

Is Cabinet Refinishing More Affordable?

If you are considering redoing cabinets cost, it is worth it to compare it with the price of getting a new one. Unfortunately, the price of a new cabinet is considerably more expensive than remodeling what you have.

Furthermore, you have the extra advantage of holding on to something you may have sentimental value for. On the other hand, you can evaluate between cabinet refinishing or refacing.

If you decide to remake your cupboard or drawers, you should at least know how much to refinish cabinets.

Factors Influencing Cabinet Refinishing Costs

Factors Influencing Cabinet Refinishing Costs

Multiple factors determine the cost to refinish cabinets. Finish type, size, and material are examples of things to evaluate.

Highlighted below are all the factors to consider before you start buying materials.

The Type of Finish

In general, the finish type directly relates to the price tag. Therefore, excellent appearance requires quality and expensive materials, and vice versa.

In particular, you must evaluate various products, including paint, varnish, and stain.

Typically, paint is cheaper than other materials, regardless of the quality or manufacturer. However, you must pay more for varnish and stain whichever brand you choose.

The Number and Size of Cabinets

If you have a home or office with many cupboards and drawers, you will require more materials to cover the surfaces. Naturally, the cost to refinish cabinets would be higher. The size of individual cabinets factors into the amount you spend when buying essential materials.

Where the Cabinets are Located

Cabinets in constant use by multiple people will require more work. Therefore, you may have to get more materials when doing prep work.

Getting extra items and work can significantly increase your budget. Moreover, remodeling furniture in bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor locations, and other similar areas typically requires extensive preparation.

The Material of the Cabinets

In general, wooden materials are inexpensive and readily available. Therefore, if all your cabinets are made from normal wood, you may not have to spend too much.

However, the cost to refinish cabinets made from MDF or laminate requires a lot more care. As such, you will likely have to spend more to prepare these surfaces for remodeling.

The Complexity of the Project

When working on a complex project, the refinish cabinets cost may likely be higher. In particular, handling and detailing complicated designs mostly require effort and time to complete.

Therefore, as the complexity of your project increases, you will have to pay more for materials and labor. For example, refinishing veneer cabinets usually cost more time and money.

Labor Costs

When determining the cost to refinish cabinets, you must consider labor. In general, labor costs depend on professional expertise and your location.

If you hire experienced refinishers, you will have to pay more. However, you will get a high-quality finish that should last a long time.

Cost Breakdown for Cabinet Refinishing Methods

Cost Breakdown for Cabinet Refinishing Methods

Once you consider the factors that affect pricing, you should break down the cost for cabinet refinishing methods. In general, the materials, labor, and additional costs will influence the money to pay.

  • Materials: Items like sandpaper, varnish, stain, and paint can cost between $100 to $1,000. The price of individual materials should depend on the quality and the number you need for the project.
  • Labor: When considering the cost to refinish cabinets, you may have to pay anything between $1,000 to $4,000. In most cases, the cost of hiring professionals would dominate your budget. Therefore, if you are unable to pay this amount, you may consider DIY.
  • Additional Costs: Your budget is just a plan. However, when the work starts, you may have to pay for extra items or minor repairs. Typically, you may pay between a few dollars to $50 for individual items or little maintenance.

Seeking Guidance on Cabinet Refinishing

If you are okay with refinishing your cabinets, you currently have all the information to get started. Yet, it will benefit you to seek guidance on cabinet refinishing from experts with years of experience.

Working closely with these professionals can give you access to detailed estimates of the money you may have to pay. Doing this should help you make better decisions on additional upgrades, materials, and finish type.

Additional Costs and Things to Keep in Mind

To completely understand the cost to refinish cabinets, you should evaluate additional costs and things to keep in mind. Doing this keeps you informed and ready to spend more and other surprises.

Below are factors and additional costs to consider.

  • Hidden Problems: When cabinets sit, they may generally look okay. However, stripping each component can reveal hidden problems, including structure issues and water damage. As such, you must handle these problems before you start refinishing surfaces.
  • Professionals vs. DIY: If you are willing to spend more to get the best, you should hire professionals to handle your work. If not, you should consider DIY to save money.
  • Timeline: Remodeling cupboards and drawers can take many days to complete. If you are working on furniture in your bathroom or kitchen, you may have to make other living arrangements. By extension, this change should add up to the overall refinish cabinets cost.


The cost to refinish cabinets is significantly lower than what you pay for new furniture. However, there are many factors to consider if you decide to go this route. Professional Painters in Rhode Island suggest considering cabinet finish type, number, size, location, materials, and complexity. Professional Painters in Connecticut emphasize the importance of factoring in labor costs.

To move forward, you should break down the cost of cabinet refinishing methods. Professional Painters in Massachusetts recommend seeking guidance on cabinet refinishing from professionals. Finally, keep an eye on additional and unforeseen costs that may increase your budget.

By understanding these factors, you can better plan and manage your cabinet refinishing project, ensuring a successful outcome within your budget.